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On this page you will find links to other websites and resources that we feel will be useful and entertaining.  If you have any links that you feel would be a good addition to these, please email them to us at Bilskirnir Hearth.

Arms and Armor
Armadillo Armory
& Collectibles

Swords, Armor, Knives

Albion Armorers

Swords, Armor, Knives, Clothing (Recommended Site)

Imperial Weapons

Swords, Armor, Daggers, Pole Arms, Martial Arts

Viking, Norse and Asatru Links

A listing of other Asatru organizations, groups and events.
A comprehensive guide to the history of Vikings and their exploits.
Presented by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Link Grab Bag ----- Misc. links of interest
Makers and distributors of Arms and Armour
Albion Armorers -- these people can make the sword of your dreams

Raven Armory -- a nice selection of weapons & armour
Lutel -- accurate reproduction of medieval armour and weapons
Antique swords -- private collection of different edged weapons
Longbows -- a site dedicated to modern longbows
Arms of Valor -- a wide variety of replica arms and armour
Men at Arms -- offers the Del Tin line of reproduction historical swords
George E. Dailey Knives -- knives, knives, knives...
Baltimore Company -- weapons ranging from combat-ready to antique
Manning Imperial -- armor and weaponry
Starfire Swords -- indestructible blunt stage combat swords
Oso Forge -- hand-forged knives and cutlery
Armour Class -- custom repro's of Scot's swords
Lancaster's Armourie -- "live steel" weapons and some armor pieces
Heimrick armor -- no armor, but nice swords from Canada
Thak the Armourer -- custom work on clothing, weapon and armour
Medieval Reproductions -- reproduction shop in Canada
Kirby D. Wise Arms and Armor -- swords, axes, daggers and polearms
Authentic Forgeries -- reproductions by Peter Farquhar
Wally Hayes -- custom damascus swords and knives
The Steel Flame Alliance Armouries -- custom blades and armor
Three Rivers Archery Supply -- bows, arrows and quivers of any kind
Bladesmithing, metallurgy and blade design
Blade Patterns -- patterns of different kinds of steel

Damasteel AB -- damascene steel: history, technology and production
Meiersteel -- the maker of excellent pattern-welded steel
Damascus Steel -- a good article on damascus steel
Salamander Armoury -- information on bladesmithing and blade design
Making a shield (SCA) -- this article gives instructions for making a shield
Don Fogg, Bladesmith -- bladesmithing and pattern welding
Hunting with slings -- the staff sling: guidelines for construction and use
Code Warrior's Chain Mail Page -- nicety of chainmail production
Circular Logic -- high-quality photographs of different mail weaves
Table of Maille Patterns -- different mail weaves
Japanese Chain Armor -- history and construction of japanese chain armor
Exotic & fantasy weapons
Etnographic Edged Weapons -- edged weapons from all over the world

Coyote's Paw -- exotic weapons of different cultures, clothing and more
Magnus Design -- works of art manifesting as edged weapons
Licata Custom Knives & Armor -- hand-made fantasy and exotic weapons
Aranyik -- custom-made Thai swords (Thailand)
Arms & Armour in JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth -- fans work
Angel Sword -- mostly fantasy, some historical work
Omega Artworks -- interesting fantasy swords and weapons
Armour of America -- modern body and vehicle armor
The HACA -- Historical Armed Combat Associtation

Academy of Arms -- Academy of Arms -- classic fencing
Old Sword-Play -- introduction to 16th-18th century sword techniques
Paradoxes of Defence, by George Silver (1599) -- essay by George Silver
Western fighting disciplines -- non-Asian fencing and fighting methods
Bladeswift -- guide to SCA sword & shield combat
Purpleheart Armory -- European wooden training weapons
Historical and archaeological resources
Museums around the world -- virtual library

WWWorld of archaeology -- weapon-related archaeology
Archaeology Links -- links to archaeological resources
The Mining Company -- a guide to Medieval History, relevant links
Historical weapon and armour resources
Oakeshott's Typology -- the must-read typology of medieval swords

Shield and Weapon Weights -- weight statistics on medieval arms
Arms and Armour Glossary -- a good glossary from
By The Sword -- medieval arms, clothing and accessories
The Armour Archive -- comprehensive resources on medieval armour
Eric D. Schmid, Maillesmith -- illustrated sections on historical chain mail
Fine Antique Arms -- fine examples of medieval arms and armour
Valentine Armouries -- beautiful historical armor & clothing
Armor -- dozens of armor items
Illusion Armoring -- great looking historic armor
Therion's Arms and Armor -- collection of arms from Europe and Asia
The Society of Archer-Antiquaries -- many useful articles on bows
Horsebows -- traditional archery and bows of Mongolia, Turkey, etc.
Bow construction FAQ -- Asian/Turkish bow construction FAQ
Russian Arms -- preview of new book, sabre info by Alexander N. Kulinsky
Medieval Arms and Armour -- historical reproductions from Australia
Historic Arms & Armor -- medieval clothing and armour reproductions
The Lonely Mountain Forge -- SCA and historical armor
Colluphid Armory -- recources on chainmail, leather and scale armours
Period Crossbows -- historical based crossbows
Roman armor ,I - II cent. A.D. -- detailed reseach on Roman armor
Historical Weapons -- swords and fencing terminology and glossary
Russian armament -- russian armor, quick overview

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